Taipei Head Office
ADD: 6Fl., No.40, Sec.2, Min-Chuan E. Road, Taipei 10469, Taiwan
TEL: +886-2-25115157
FAX: +886-2-25635572

Our office building locates right opposed to the Landis Taipei Hotel (near the Taipei Xingtian Temple行天宮). Coming by the means of public transportation is convenient and advisable.
You may reach us by buses No. 26, 63, 41, 109, 203, 225, 277, 279, 280, 285, 612, 617, 685, Songjiang (松江幹線), R29, R31, R32, Boai Shuttle (博愛公車), getting off at “Minquan-Jilin intersection” station.
By Metro, get off at the “Zhongshan Elementary School” station. From Exit 3, it takes about 2 minutes walking to YKK office building.

Taichung Branch

ADD: No. 670, Sec. 4, Taiwan Boulevard, Xitun Dist., Taichung 40764, Taiwan
TEL: +886-4-24634711
FAX: +886-4-24634624

Tainan Branch

ADD: No.162, Sec.1, Lin-Sen Road, Tainan 70156, Taiwan
TEL: +886-6-2607976
FAX: +886-6-2608070


ADD: Unit A4, 2F, Xiangyu Building, Xiangyu Baoshui District, Xiamen, Fujian 361006, China
TEL: +86-592-2686210~2
FAX: +86-592-2686213

Dongguan Branch

ADD: Unit 1504, B, Caifu Plaza, Yuanmei Road, South District, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
TEL: +86-769-231-85858
FAX: +86-769-231-85868

Chungli First Factory

ADD: No.281, Sec.2, Chung-Hwa Road, Chungli 32068, Taiwan
TEL: +886-3-4524151
FAX: +886-3-4529131

Chungli Second Factory

ADD: No.12, Chi-Lin N. Road, Chungli 32062, Taiwan
TEL: +886-3-4522575
FAX: +886-3-4529640